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    Thursday, September 17, 2009


    Well we had another flood yesterday. The back yard really filled up and I asked Mom if I could go swimming, but she said no. Here is a picture of me investigating the front yard mulch that washed up against the back yard gate.
    There was water in the basement again that came in around the basement windows. Mom and Dad weren't too happy about that, but at least this time the basement didn't turn into a swimming pool. Not that I would think that was a bad thing.
    Unfortunately the flood kind
    of trashed Mom's garden again. Second time that has happened this year, so she is pretty irked. And she says we have company coming next week, so she and Dad have to spend the whole weekend making everything look nice again. I think I hear a little bit of a Grrrr coming from her...
    Mom says we got 3 and 4/10 inches of rain yesterday. I don't know what inches are (or how to count for that matter), but she seemed to think it should have been more for all the mess.
    See how high the water was on our fence?
    Anyway I hear there is more rain on the way, so I'm pushing to get my second walk of the day in now. It's been an hour since the last one and I don't see any more breakfast in my future. May as well go sniff the neighborhood.