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    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Millie Needs Our Help

    Yesterday a neighbor posted on her Facebook page. She wrote, "It is with great sadness that we need to find Millie a new home. If anyone knows of someone with a farm or lots of land please let me know. She is such a sweet dog, but unfortunately she has started biting. She needs a place where she can run and chase everything. I don't want to resort to a shelter, but we may have to. Please message me if you have any suggestions."

    Millie's is a sad story. She is part German Shepherd Dog and part Shar Pei, the result of an irresponsible pet owner who not only allowed his two dogs to breed, but then didn't care for the pups, so they wandered off. Millie ended up on the front porch or some people in Alpharetta, GA who couldn't take her in, but found her a home with my neighbors here in Atlanta.

    My neighbors meant well, but with two small children and busy careers Millie didn't get everything she needed to overcome this bad start. Now at two years old she has grown into a dog with some serious issues and some that are simply annoying. She chews anything she finds on the floor; guards her food and toys; doesn't have the ability to calm herself or exhibit self control; bullies the dog they adopted to be a playmate; barks whenever someone walks past; and doesn't understand that nipping at the boys when they play on the trampoline isn't good fun.

    The neighbors feel they don't have the time or resources to work through Millie's issues, but with the training and commitment of a smart dog person, I know she could be a good dog. Poor Millie just hasn't had a chance to shine.

    Sending her to a farm might let her run and chase critters all day, but without training she might also get into a lot of trouble with Farmer Brown. If she goes to a shelter that doesn't have the fosters or resources to give her the rehabilitation she needs, she will surely be killed as unadoptable. That makes me very sad.

    I don't do this very often, but I'm asking all of my friends today to help Millie get the help she needs. If you know of any rescue, shelter or individual that might be able to change the tide for this sweet girl, please contact me at I'll pass word to my Mom and neighbor. And thanks for being caring and responsible pet owners.